Gray Space Strategies is a professional services and strategic advisory firm based in Washington, D.C.

Every day the world grows more complex and interconnected. Political, economic and national security spaces are converging. Global issues can have long-term impact at the local level. Small and medium business challenges can threaten world order.

At the same time, there are loud and growing dialectical forces calling to divide the world into simple and discrete categories opposing one another: democracy v. authoritarianism; rich v. poor; rural v. urban. In this noise, nuance is lost. Yet, a fundamental truth remains: the world isn’t black and white. 

Neither are the issues facing leaders today. Gray Space Strategies was founded to assist the public and private sector to better understand the gray spaces in our world, to build relationships, find common ground, and accomplish goals.

Whether you are creating a new business opportunity, looking to restructure or facing an existential threat, we are prepared to help you at any level from providing impartial advice to strategic thought leadership to advisory assistance.