Navigating the gray spaces in an uncertain world.

Today’s environment is volatile, complex, and ambiguous. Leaders and organizations are pushed and pulled in multiple directions. Access to an interdisciplinary team of trusted advisors and utility players can often be the difference between success and failure.

With skills developed over decades, Gray Space Strategies experts know how to work through today’s challenges and succeed.

Our Process:
Discover. Develop. Deliver.


Gray Space Strategies uses a battle-tested process to systematically engage with clients to discover opportunity and risk, develop strategies and solutions to maximize opportunity and minimize risk, and deliver exceptional value and results where it matters most.

Our team members offer decades of experience operating and advising in the most challenging and complex environments where stakes were high and success imperative. We bring world-class education, training and experience to every engagement to ensure organizational success.

Through the decades, we have refined our Discover, Develop and Deliver Process to achieve and exceed goals and expectations. The D3 process is cyclical, where the delivered results often feed subsequent discovery phases, and development is continuous.



Organizational Development & Alignment

Cybersecurity Strategy & Policy

Risk Assessment & Management

Crisis Response and Mitigation
Future Proofing

Clean Energy & Green Energy Strategies


Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

Network Resilience

Data Security & Privacy Governance

Regulatory & Policy Challenges

Supply Chain Assessments


Corporate Governance

D.C. Navigation

Government Relations

Merger & Acquisitions Assessment

Go-to-Market Strategies

Geopolitical Risk & Risk Mitigation


National Security Strategies

Defense Department & Service Components

Intelligence Community

Cybersecurity Policy Development