Dr. Brandon Valeriano- Speaking at the University of Utah: The Missing Cyber Thunder Run: Cyber Operations During the Russo-Ukrainian War

Dr. Brandon Valeriano delivers an insightful analysis of Russia’s utilization of cyber operations during the Russo-Ukrainian War. Presented at the Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute on March 23, 2023, this lecture provides crucial insights into the evolving nature of cyber warfare and its impact on geopolitical conflicts. Dr. Valeriano, a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Marine Corps University and Senior Advisor to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission 2.0, delves into the use of cyber operations by Russia to disrupt, spy upon, and degrade their adversaries in the digital domain. While cyber operations have emerged as a potent form of political warfare, Dr. Valeriano examines the limited evidence of severe or significant cyberattacks during the full-scale invasion of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Despite an increase in cyber operations during the conflict, the lecture highlights the limited impact of cyber capabilities on changing the course of the war. Dr. Valeriano emphasizes the importance of distinguishing cyber operations from conventional attacks and the need for coordinated multi-domain operations between military and cyber operators. As an accomplished scholar in the field, Dr. Valeriano has published extensively on cyber security and military strategy, testifying before Congress and the UK Parliament on these critical issues. His expertise and research contributions have informed cyber security strategies and legislative agendas for the United States. More here.

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