We are like a general contractor for global expertise.

Gray Space Strategies is an elite, interdisciplinary team of strategic advisors, thought leaders and seasoned industry professionals across the fields of national security, cybersecurity, policy, and business.

Our team includes lawyers, intelligence and cybersecurity experts, academics, policymakers and business leaders with vast networks and an unparalleled ability to identify issues, develop strategic, tailored solutions, and drive the execution of a plan to achieve the client’s goals.

Our trusted advisors quickly and seamlessly integrate with our clients to form a cohesive, high- performance team, create breakthrough solutions, and lead through the gray spaces to achieve success.

Agile, swift, insightful, and always practical and actionable, we find innovative ways to deliver value and achieve results for our clients.


One of the nation’s leading experts on national/cyber security, public policy, and emerging technology

Cory is the founder and CEO of Gray Space Strategies, Inc., a professional services and strategic advisory firm based in Washington, D.C. Cory has over twenty years of experience in government, the military, and the private sector – assisting clients in navigating the U.S. government and emerging technology markets, cybersecurity ecosystem, and national security spaces.
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A 35-year veteran attorney who led and managed a statewide business law firm.

Nick is the current chair of the WV Worker Compensation Board of review and the former Chief of Staff to the Governor of West Virginia.
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An award-winning communications expert in public policy messaging, communications strategic execution and stakeholder engagement.

Rachel brings over 15 years of experience in public relations, risk and reputation management, and governmental affairs, representing Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, small businesses and nonprofits.
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Shay held numerous other information assurance and exponential impact positions, including with the United States Senate, the Cloud Security Alliance, as a consultant to critical infrastructure and private aviation firms

Shay Colson is a Principal and Managing Partner at Coastal Cyber Risk Advisors, LLC, where he leads the firm’s Cyber Due Diligence service line.
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Color KS

A distinguished cybersecurity expert and former U.S. Marine Corps attorney, renowned for his extensive experience in cyber operations, national security law, and strategic advisory roles in both governmental and private sectors.

Kurt Sanger is founder and director of Integrated Cybersecurity Partners, LLC, a cyber and national security consultancy.  ICP LLC provides strategic, policy and operational advice to support private organizations as they confront global cybersecurity challenges.  Kurt is also Of Counsel to DeMarco Law, PLLC, an information technology and data security-focused New York City law firm.
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An applied and interdisciplinary scholar who has focused on a range of specific issues impacting the ability of communities to be economically and socially sustainable.

Dickes is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Director for the Policy Studies Ph.D. program and the Master’s in Public Administration Program at Clemson University in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences and College of Education.
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A highly organized, perceptive problem solver with deep experience in legal research and project management who can seamlessly communicate with internal staff, clients, legal teams and external organizations.

At Gray Space Strategies, Emily manages all the administrative functions and paralegal duties in the office. She works closely with team members to create detailed client reports, compile research and facilitate communication to ensure projects achieve their established outcomes.
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A nationally recognized leader with 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, national security, and critical infrastructure.

Parham currently serves as Executive Vice President at CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) and chairman of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), a leading cybersecurity think tank he founded in 2014.
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Robert Passerello is a leader, lawyer, and trusted advisor with extensive experience at the highest levels of the U.S. Government

Robert Passerello served in the United States Navy, as a Judge Advocate, and the United States Marine Corps, as an infantryman, for a combined thirty-four (34) years before retiring, as a Navy Captain, in 2022.
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SEAN PLANKEY, M.S. Senior Advisor

One of the nation’s foremost global cybersecurity experts who has advised leaders at the White House, U.S. Cyber Command, Silicon Valley and some of the world’s largest global corporations.

Acutely strategic and deeply insightful, Sean brings more than two decades of experience in cybersecurity, AI, cyber warfare and national security.
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A skilled public affairs leader with nationally recognized expertise in competitive intelligence, fundraising, and communications.

Mike was the founder and President of Plante & Associates, where his clients included 9 US Governors, including 3 from West Virginia, 10 US Senators, numerous members of the House of Representatives, and the Mayors of Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas, Texas.
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Senior Advisor

One of the nation’s leading global experts in practical governance strategies for AI and other frontier technologies.

As the CEO and Founder of The Cantellus Group and SME in Frontier Technology Governance, she advises Fortune 50 companies, startups, consortia, and governments on how to govern cutting-edge technologies in a rapidly changing policy environment.
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Among the nation’s leading authorities on cyber security and international security.

Dr. Valeriano serves as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Marine Corps University and Senior Advisor to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission 2.0.
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Dave served as Vice President Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor for Weapons of Mass Destruction and Non-Proliferation. He was the Vice President’s voice in the interagency process across a range of issues including ballistic missile defense, the nuclear weapons complex, counterproliferation, and New START implementation.

Dave Zikusoka has worked at the intersection of national security and technology at the White House, Pentagon, a Congressional commission, and in the think tank community. He has over a decade-and-a-half of high-level practice in crisis decision-making, complex problem-solving, and advising senior government officials. [Read
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